The Proven Way To Get More leads + Massive Exposure.

If the public thinks you’re an expert, YOU ARE.

You want to get SEEN BY A LOT OF PEOPLE – FAST? What could that do for your business?

There is a PROVEN, two-part process that business owners just like you – around the world – are using to get on tv, radio, podcasts, in magazines, and other high-profile publications.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of it, and broken this process down into easy, actionable items for you. 

It’s called “The PA System.”

Here’s what you’ll learn from Tim & Bruce:

Tim Burt -America's Number One Marketing Strategist

Class 1 – [Deep Dive] Finding your Clarity of Mission.

Class 2 – [Deep Dive] Creating your slogan (aka marketing message).

Class 3 – [Deep Dive] Devising (or refining) Your logos, colors, fonts, and sounds.

Class 4 – Let’s create your first ad with your new positioning! (PLUS: Video, pic, text ads…which ones work best? AND: Some FREE sneaky tools to help your ads.)

Class 5 – [Deep Dive] Finding new audiences with The Secret Blueprint (PLUS a SURPRISE BONUS Guest!)

Class 6 – Let’s run a big Facebook ad on a tiny budget. And: creating attention-grabbing headlines regardless of the platform.

Class 7 – Reviewing your new strategy and Open Q&A.

(Curriculum and times subject to change.)

Tim Burt -America's Number One Marketing Strategist

Class 1 – Finding and refining the angle that will help you get on tv, radio, etc.

Class 2 – [Deep Dive] Writing a pitch (NOT a press release!)

Class 3 – [Deep Dive] What to wear, how to speak on camera, and setting up your space for tv interviews, podcast & radio interviews, etc.

Class 4 – LIVE practice interviews with Tim & Bruce.

Class 5 – [Deep Dive] LIVE interview and Q&A with actual reporters who’ll tell you what they’re looking for.

(Curriculum and times subject to change.)

Live Calls Begin April 19th!

The Burt and Bruce Serbin - The P. A. System