LIVE CALLS start March 30. Here’s what you’ll learn:


Class 1 – [Deep Dive] Finding your Clarity of Mission.

Class 2 – [Deep Dive] Creating your slogan (aka marketing message).

Class 3 – [Deep Dive] Devising (or refining) Your logos, colors, fonts, and sounds.

Class 4 – Let’s create your first ad with your new positioning! (PLUS: Video, pic, text ads…which ones work best? AND: Some FREE sneaky tools to help your ads.)

Class 5 – [Deep Dive] Finding new audiences with The Secret Blueprint (PLUS a SURPRISE BONUS Guest!)

Class 6 – Let’s run a big Facebook ad on a tiny budget. And: creating attention-grabbing headlines regardless of the platform.

Class 7 – Reviewing your new strategy and Open Q&A.

(Curriculum and times subject to change.)


your ad campaign is ready to go, and you hold your breath as you click “Enter” to start running your ads.

Instead of just hoping that you get a flood of traffic – which can lead to customers – wouldn’t it be great to know that your marketing is on target, and you’re advertising everywhere you should (and must) be?

That means more people seeing you, so they can buy your stuff!


Here’s why it feels like you’re wasting money on ad campaigns right now that get 0 results, or maybe have a little success:

It’s not your fault.

Marketing is exactly inexact, and is much harder than it looks on the surface.

  • You may be talking to the right people, but saying the wrong thing.
  • Or, you’re saying the right thing to the wrong people.

I’ve seen it thousands of times, and this is easily fixed so you can stop throwing money away.


Truth #1:

Facebook, Google, etc. and even platforms like direct mail don’t really care how successful your ads are, they just want you to pay them more money.

Why do you think there are options to “click to add $10 more to this campaign to show it to 500 more people?” Or, here’s a $150 advertising credit when you spend $150?

Truth #2:

When your ad is “under review,” it’s not being reviewed for how much it will sell, it’s being reviewed to make sure it doesn’t violate one of their (always changing) “Standards.”

Truth #3:

Their guidance can be highly flawed. Here’s a true story: if you’re actually lucky enough to talk with someone at Facebook’s ad department (like I have), they’ll tell you that short videos are better. Yet when you upload a video ad, there’s a box on the right-hand side that says they’ll show it to more people if it’s LONGER than 3 minutes! This makes no sense!

The Bottom line: the “rules” and “guidelines” for marketing your business – online or offline – are consistently inconsistent.


When you place all of your ad budget – and your marketing message – into just one platform, you’re only hitting one audience.

When you spread out across the right platforms at the right time, you’ll be amazed at how many people you can impact – FAST.

The Secret Blueprint will show you how to quickly leverage other platforms (that you may not have thought about) to increase the focus on you.

What do I get and how does it work?

You get The Preposterous Checklist

It's not too late to turn your business around.

These are the questions you'd wish you had been asked before you started your business. Questions such as:

  • Do you know what your mission is? 
  • Who owns your website(s)?
  • Does your business have a slogan? If not, why not?

When you answer these questions honestly and truthfully, I guarantee you'll achieve a level of clarity you've never reached. 

The Preposterous Checklist is an instant download, so you can start gaining clarity right away!

You get The Secret Blueprint

Find your hidden prospects...they're waiting for you!

Want to know where MORE of your prospects are and how to get in front of them (for free or cheap)?

This is a PHYSICAL PRINT OUT of The Secret Blueprint that you can hang on your wall, or have handy ANYTIME you are marketing your business.

In LESS THAN 30 SECONDS - you can look at The Secret Blueprint, and know EXACTLY where you should be focusing your marketing.

When you have The Secret Blueprint handy, you can STOP GUESSING where your prospects are.

Tim Burt America's Number One Marketing Strategist

You get LIVE CALLS with TIM

Get your business un-stuck 

Now that you've gained clarity through The Preposterous Checklist, and you know where you're going to market with The Secret's what we'll do next.

  • We'll take deep dives on your Clarity of Mission, slogan, logos, etc. EVERYTHING about your public image
  • We'll also explore other areas that couldn't be included on The Secret Blueprint (for various reasons)
  • You'll be able to ask me questions in a group setting  so I can help you faster!

These calls will be on Zoom, and class size is extremely limited.

Tim Burt and Bruce Serbin


My good friend, Public Relations expert Bruce Serbin gets his clients on such high-profile shows as Good Morning America, The Today Show, and countless local television programs.

As a bonus, you’ll also get a short video series where Bruce tells you what you need (and don’t need) to get even more media exposure on television, radio, podcasts, etc. 

It is included when you enroll in The Secret Blueprint!


Are you ready to:

  • Know exactly where you should be marketing?
  • Learn where the holes in your business are?
  • Discover your untapped prospects?

Get started now! The next class starts December 10th.


SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE: $299. (Normally $1000)

This is a one-time charge, you’ll never be charged again.


Q: What is “The Secret Blueprint?”

A: Have you purchased ads for your business and wondered:

  • If you’re leaving money on the table?
  • Why your ads are getting little to no traction?
  • What other platforms you can run the same ad and reach more people…but didn’t know what ones made sense?
  • How you could do some of these things for free?

The Secret Blueprint covers all of these with short recorded videos you can access forever – and LIVE CALLS and guidance in a group setting from Tim Burt.

Q: What is “The Preposterous Checklist?”

The Preposterous Checklist (included with the course) is the thorough listing of all the questions you must answer before spending any money on ads – so you’ll know you’re covering all the important areas.

The good news? I’ve broken it down for you and will walk you through it, saving you time, energy, and wasted effort.

Q: When do the live classes start?

The classes start March 30, 2021A link will be emailed to you so you can join.

Q: What if I can’t make the live classes? Will I miss out on anything?

The classes will all be recorded, and you can access them forever! But it really is in your best interest to be there live, so you can ask questions.

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