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Tim Burt's Super Bowl Ad Roast

Annual Super Bowl Ad Roast

February 1, 2023

It’s time for the 18th annual Super Bowl Ad Roast.

Tim will be live critiquing the obnoxiously expensive ads as they air.

As always, the Roast will take place on Facebook. Make sure you like the page and get the notifications.

♦ Tim’s Super Bowl Ad Roast on Facebook

4 QR codes in a horizontal layout as in The QR Market

January 11, 2023

Sick of the fake, plastic, disposable products being shoved down your throat every day?

If you’d like to buy real products and services that you can hand down, and that change your life, That Shopping Channel (TSC) is coming soon.

This is the future of online shopping, with more to be revealed in the coming weeks.


♦ Click here to visit

Booked On Media - the marketing and media training class with Tim Burt and Bruce Serbin

Need More Exposure?

December 27, 2022

If you own a business and want to get more interviews and exposure – the proper way – then you should take a look at the “Booked On Media” live training.

Fed up with the “Pay-to-Play” fake influencers and bad advice being given online, Tim Burt and Bruce Serbin will show you how to get big-time exposure on radio, tv, podcasts, magazines, etc. for free. 

♦ Click here to go to the Booked On Media site.

Tim Burt on Building A Leadership podcast

Failure Is Not An Option

November 16, 2022

Thanks to Nicky Cuesta for the invitation to be a guest on her “Building A Leadership Mindset” podcast.

You can listen to the 20-minute interview at the link below:

♦ Building A Leadership Mindset podcast on Spotify

The Black Friday Blueprint

November 5, 2022

Tim officially calls this time of year “Zombie Season.” 

Why? Because buyers think like zombies.

It’s not too late to get your Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Holiday offers up and running.

Watch a free 30-minute informational video about Black Friday basics on the page below.

♦ The Black Friday Blueprint free training

Tim's QR Market is coming to the Martial Arts Supershow

July 11, 2022

Tim will be in person demonstrating The QR Market at the Martial Arts Supershow 2022.

The Supershow is being held at the Caesers Forum in Las Vegas July 18-20.

♦ The QR Market official website

♦ International Bowl Expo official website

Coming to Las Vegas

June 6, 2022

See Tim Burt’s revolutionary new marketing device, The QR Market, on display at the International Bowl Expo 2022.

The event is at the Westgate Las Vegas June 29-30. 

♦ The QR Market official website

♦ International Bowl Expo official website

"Audience Wants Analysis"

June 2, 2022

Cold-calling expert Nicole Attias  from interviews Tim Burt on her podcast. 

Topics covered include: Why “CNA’s” (Client Needs Analysis) are trash, what your “Buy Now” buttons should say, and more.

♦ Click here to watch this interview on YouTube.

The QR Market

April 1, 2022

Tim has created a marketing tool using QR Code technology – the first of its kind in the world – that can let you sell 3, 4, 5, even 6 things on the same screen – at the same time.

The QR Market can be used on virtually any screen anywhere in the world.

It can be embedded on websites, on in-store monitors, on your social channels…almost anywhere you can display a video.

Use it for flash sales, special “subscriber-only” deals, practically anything you can think of. The QR Market is open, and available for you now. Click below for the full demo.

♦ The QR Market website

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