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Tim Burt's Super Bowl Ad Roast

The QR Market™

April 1, 2022

Tim has created a marketing tool using QR Code technology – the first of its kind in the world – that can let you sell 3, 4, 5, even 6 things on the same screen – at the same time.

The QR Market can be used on virtually any screen anywhere in the world. 

It can be embedded on websites, on in-store monitors, on your social channels…almost anywhere you can display a video.

Use it for flash sales, special “subscriber-only” deals, practically anything you can think of. The QR Market is open, and available for you now. Click below for the full demo. 

♦ The QR Market website

Tim Burt's Super Bowl Ad Roast

17th Annual Super Bowl Ad Roast – Live

January 24, 2021

Tim’s annual Super Bowl Ad Roast is happening on Feb. 13th on Facebook during the game.Tim’s reviews have been featured in The Wall Street Journal (2014), and on countless tv and radio outlets.

Please note – if Tim’s favorite team (Cincinnati Bengals) are in the game, expect the reviews to be short. 😀

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Tim Burt's Super Bowl Ad Roast

Booked On Media Course Announced

January 8, 2021

Tim Burt & Bruce Serbin’s critically acclaimed course “Booked On Media” is once again open for registration through January 12, 2022.

This course teaches you how marketing you and your business properly can equate to booking high-profile media appearances (radio, television, podcasts, magazines, etc.

♦ Booked On Media official website

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